Business Card Printing with Purple MonkeyAre you trying to make your own business cards in the Sarasota and Bradenton, FL? Many people get caught up with trying to save money by making their own business cards. Initially you might save some money but in the long run the business you lose because of the poor quality card could cost you a lot more than you saved.

There are many mistakes you can make when trying to make your own business cards – things like:

Thin card stock – when handing out your business card the last things you want is for the other person to feel a flimsy card.

Serrated edges – you can always tell when a business card was made from a sheet of perforated card stock. The ridges on the edges gives it away.

Fuzzy text and images – There is nothing worst than trying to read a business card that is printed on a low quality printer.

Smudged cards – How many times have you taken a home printed business card while your hands are wet from holding a drink? The result is the ink runs and smudges all over the card.

We can help you create your design or ideas on a quality card stock for a reasonable price and we are local to the Sarasota and Bradenton area. Let us help you make your own business cards – you’ll be happy we did! Many of our clients used to make their own cards until they saw what Purple Monkey Print and Design could do for them. Now they simply call and order their cards when they need it and it’s that simple.

Our never ending supply of card stocks, colors, images, designs and graphics capabilities will help you get the best business cards art the best price. Give us a call and see how much easier it is having us make your business cards. Call us today and see how we can help  941-928-9458. We look forward to serving you!